Our Purpose

We exist to equip teenage girls to walk in confidence with Christ, and prepare them to reach their full potential in life.  For teenage girls who are facing difficult circumstances, God is raising up House of Healing to provide the care, mentoring, and love they need to make better decisions in life.

Our Ministry

Nestled in the heart of the House of Healing property is the outdoor chapel symbolizing how God is at the center of everything we do. For girls who have experienced a difficult past, they must first find emotional and spiritual healing to find freedom. We believe healing, hope, and restoration is found at the foot of the cross.

Wooden cross in front of outdoor chapel.

Teenage girls in circle with mentor praying.

Our Passion

There is nothing more beautiful than a teenage girl whose life is centered in Christ and finds her identity in Him. Our heart and passion is to guide teenage girls towards the safety of His love.

Our Ministry Leaders

Picture of Kathy Boeckman



“My passion is ministry to teenage girls. God healed me from a broken past and now I have the privilege of helping girls find healing in His love.”

Girl walking on sunny bright days.

Let’s Talk

Does your daughter need encouragement to stay on the right path?  Is she starting to feel the influence from peers to make decisions she would normally not make?  Is she in need of deeper ministry for healing and restoration?  At each of these levels of ministry, our mentoring program will help draw your daughter closer to His heart.